Ask the Bees Minister to stand up to Syngenta

We’ve taken this action down as we've had some great news  pesticide company Syngenta have backtracked on their unpopular attempt to use banned chemicals in the UK.

Thousands of us emailed the Bees Minister over the weekend and, as a result of this and the work of brilliant bee-loving allies such as Buglife, we think Syngenta and the Government have truly been feeling the pressure. Last night we found out that Syngenta have withdrawn their application.

This is fantastic news for our bees. It means the most bee-harming pesticides will not be used this year.

Syngenta say they'll try again next year - but we'll be ready for them.

If you’d like to help us fight off the advances of companies like Syngenta in the future, then you can help by donating £15 for a Bee Saver Kit. And if you've already got one, they make great gifts for the bee-lovers in your life.