Banner image of plane coming in to land with text reading "Support the Heathrow 13, no new runways"

No ifs, no buts...

Thanks for your interest, but this action has now expired. Please visit our online actions page for other actions you can take to support our campaigns.

The text of the petition:

Dear Prime Minister and Cabinet members,

In 2009 you promised "No ifs, no buts, no third runway at Heathrow". Please don’t turn your back on this promise.

We can’t afford to build new runways, whether at Heathrow or Gatwick, if we’re serious about tackling climate change, air pollution and noise.

The Committee on Climate Change says emissions from flying must be capped - though they allow for a doubling in aviation emissions on 1990 levels, whilst all other sectors have to cut their greenhouse gases by 85%. Even with unrealistically high carbon taxes, the Davies Commission is not clear how to keep under this generous emissions cap.

We shouldn't expect the rest of society to have to cut emissions faster just to make room for the aviation industry. All members of the Cabinet will have to identify where emissions cuts will come from if a new runway is approved.

I urge you all to reject the findings of the Davies Commission and not approve any new runways anywhere in the UK.