5 reasons to be optimistic about climate change

Simon Bullock

05 January 2016

Think of climate change as a huge dark storm on the horizon. Humanity is a small boat, sailing heading straight towards it, and the first waves are starting to barrel into our prow.

But 2015 was the year where we started to turn the tiller, to feel that we can, at the eleventh hour, steer clear. 

Here’s why 2015, despite the terrible storms battering Britain, gave us reasons to be hopeful about our future.

1 It’s the start of the end of the road for fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are in trouble, all over the world:

2 Facts about green energy – it’s massive

Renewable energy continues its relentless global rise, and continues to fall in cost:

3 Establishment warnings about global warming

Calls for action on climate have become completely mainstream:

4 Public action on climate change is growing

People power is growing and growing, in the UK and globally:

5 The Paris climate talks

The Paris climate talks gave us extra hope, and were genuinely historic:

Climate change in 2016

We’ve a long way to go still.

Nations’ current pledges will lead to 3 degrees warming, so all countries need to raise their game.

And in the UK, we’ve seen the Government go backwards on action on climate in the last year, with increased support for fracking and oil, and attacks on energy saving and renewable power.

So the shocking and ongoing UK floods need to be a massive wake-up call to the UK Government.

A warming world makes extreme rainfall ever more likely. So the Government continuing to put the brakes on the transition away from fossil fuels has real-life costs – to the people all over the North and West of the UK whose homes and livelihoods have been wrecked in the last month’s biblical rain.

In the aftermath of the UK floods, our Government should treat climate change as a security priority, and massively toughen its plans to act on climate, as well as improve flood defences.

It needs to announce an Apollo Programme style plan to get the UK off fossil fuels, with the job almost completely done by 2030. If we want a Britain and a world safe from climate disaster, we don’t have any time to waste.

Let’s have all hands on deck to make 2016 the year where humanity’s little ship starts to pull clear.

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