Thank you for a great #StopBarclaysFracking week of action

Rachel Kennerley

31 October 2016

Thank you all for an amazing #StopBarclaysFracking week of action. Seriously, you inspire us so much. Scroll down for just some of our favourite moments.

Wow – that was incredible!

With a fantastic 95 events across the country last week, and thousands more people taking action online, we’re sure that Barclays felt the pressure. We saw homemade fracking rigs, frackaliscous cocktail bars, sit-ins, performance pieces and good old-fashioned singalongs.

A demonstration of people power

We know the government is making some very bad decisions at the moment when it comes to the climate. 

In the past month alone, its given the green light to fracking in Lancashire and announced a new runway at Heathrow - initiatives pulled straight from the pile labelled ‘bad ideas’.

Theresa May has said we will ratify the Paris Agreement before the end of the year. But as she waves through project after project that makes climate change worse, signing the agreement looks increasingly tokenistic.

The thing about climate change is that you can’t just sign an agreement. You actually have to do something about it. And if the government won’t. Then we will.
While the government is making bad decisions and false promises, the Stop Barclays Fracking week of action showed that thousands of us are ready to take matters into our own hands and do something about it. 

Bringing the message home to Barclays

We’ve been blown away by with the number and creativity of the actions you’ve come up with to show Barclays the error of their ways. 

Up and down the UK hundreds of you have been tackling the bank about their funding of dirty energy in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, in one of the biggest and boldest weeks of action ever.

We launched the week by moving Ryedale residents Ruby and Nicky into the York branch of Barclays. They brought the message home to Barclays that there is no social licence to frack in North Yorkshire. 

Nicky and Ruby move into Barclays in York
Photo by Coralie Datta

And the week has been packed with actions and events since then. See below for some of our favourites.

As young activist Ruby said at the beginning of the week: “We can only win if we work together". So thank you to everyone who took part in the Stop Barclays Fracking week of action from all of us at Friends of the Earth,, SumOfUs and People and Planet. 

The fight goes on and we’re more determined than ever to stop fracking and the expansion of airports.

We’ll be in touch soon with more ways you can put pressure on Barclays. In the meantime, please help West London Friends of the Earth stand against the new runway decision at Heathrow. 

Stand against Heathrow

Some of our favourite moments from the Barclays week of action

Remember that time… 

… we realised just how scary fracking is thanks to the people of Ryedale?

Witches and protesters outside Barclays in Ryedale

… Frack Free Leeds held a vigil for fracked water inside a Barclays branch?

Leeds protesters hold vigil for fracked water outside Barclays branch
Photo by Frack Free Leeds

... We had the "most British protest ever" with tea and anti-fracking biscuits?

anti-fracking biscuits at the London Stop Barclays Fracking action
Photo by Amelie Summer
Protesters bring their home to Barclays

... Carbon had a brush with death in Hastings?

Funeral for Carbon
Photo by Mathew McDonnell, Don’t Frack Sussex

... Barclays in Reading was challebnged about its funding of fracking?

Bankers outside Barclays
Photo by Reading Friends of the Earth

… Darlington Friends of the Earth taught us fracking is a climate crime scene?

Darlington FOE Climate Crime Scene
Photo by Ralph Turner, Darlington Friends of the Earth

... Count Frackula and friends visited Barclays in Huddersfield?

Count Frackula
Photo by Chayley Collis, Huddersfield Friends of the Earth
Huddersfield FOE outside Barclays
Photo by Chayley Collis, Huddersfield Friends of the Earth

... a fracked water bar popped up in Leytonstone?

Friends of the Earth Waltham Forest in Leytonstone
Photo by Waltham Forest Friends of the Earth

... Protesters in Glasglow took their message inside the bank?

Friends of the Earth Glasgow inside Barclays
Photo by Alan Munro, Glasgow Friends of the Earth

... Mr Frackhead visited several of Manchester's Barclays branches in 1 day?

Mr Frackhead outside a Barclays branch in Manchester
Anti fracking sign in Manchester

... Lancaster Barclays were shown the way forward?

Lancaster protesters outside Barclays

... the world got to see your beautiful anti-fracking selfies?

Selfie with anti fracking poster
Selfie with anti fracking poster


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Stop Barclays Frackimg signs