Local group websites

Useful tips on how to get started with and update your Local Group's website.
  Published:  22 Sep 2017    |      2 minute read

A website might be a big help in running your group and campaigning locally. Each local group has web pages hosted on the main Friends of the Earth website –see friendsoftheearth.uk/groups/nottingham for an example.

Logging in

Go to https://friendsoftheearth.uk/user and enter your username and password. Click “Log in”.

If you need to be set up with login details, email us at localgro[email protected] with your email address, your name, and the name of your group.

Then click on your group to edit the content of the page.

Forgotten your password?

Go to https://friendsoftheearth.uk/user , click "Request new password" and enter your username

You’ll be sent an email with a link to use to login.

For security reasons, Friends of the Earth staff can't access your password, so can't send it to you. The above process is secure.

Making changes to your site

When on your group’s homepage, click the “Edit website” button. (If you don’t see it, it’s probably because you’re not logged into the system).

That takes you to your administration page. From there you can use the links to change existing pages and create new ones.

The latest 4 news stories are shown on your homepage. Older stories are accessed by clicking the "News" link

You can also change a specific page by clicking the “Edit page” button that you’ll see on relevant pages. (To change an existing news story, click on it's title in the list of news, you'll then see the "Edit page" button on the right. )

Some tips for editing pages

  • We’ve put together some tips on writing for the web.
  • Here's one for the slightly more technical of you: when inserting photos into pages, you can't change things like alignment or padding. We've done this deliberately to help pages display better on mobile phones and tablets. If you do make changes like this, they're likely to be lost when you save the page.

Changing contact details

If you need to change the contact details shown on your homepage and "contact us" page, go to the edit website page and use the form at the bottom to request the changes.

What happens when someone uses the "contact us" form?

Each group has a "contact us by email" form which people can use to get in touch.

When someone fills in the form, their message is sent to the email contact address for your group. We don't keep a copy of the message.

The "From:" address will always be the same address (ie "[email protected]"), and not the actual email address of whoever's making the enquiry. So you shouldn’t reply to this address, but instead use the "Message from" email address further down.

It’s probably a good idea for you to test out sending the form from your website – to check that the emails don’t get filtered out by your email package.

How can I get help with all of this?

If your question/problem isn’t covered here, please email [email protected].

Please also let us have any feedback and suggestions for improvements via that email address – we can’t guarantee we can act on all suggestions though.