AMEC and Spie pull out of Yusufeli Dam

The future of the Turkish town of Yusufeli is looking brighter in 2003. Leading contractor - Spie - has recently pulled out of the controversial Yusufeli Dam.

The move follows another construction company's (AMEC) withdrawal from the project in March 2002.



Yusufeli would be completely flooded by the dam

French company Spie (owned by British construction giant AMEC) had been under pressure from campaign groups and civil society in France and the UK to withdraw from the project.

At AMEC's 2002 Annual General Meeting questions were raised about why AMEC still thought the Yusufeli Dam was viable through its Spie arm.

AMEC increased its shareholding in Spie from 46% to 100% on 5 December 2002 and Spie withdrew from the consortium later the same month.

This is a festive present for the people and communities whose future would be damaged by this destructive project. It would be an even better present if AMEC-Spie now adopted the World Commission on Dams guidelines, so that it can be sure it doesn't get involved in any more projects of this kind.

Hannah Griffiths, Corporates Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

However, French-British company Alstom is still pushing ahead with the project and Barclays is still arranging the financing, so our campaigning will not end here.

About the Yusufeli Dam project

If built, the Yusufeli Dam would flood 18 towns and villages drowning the homes of 15,000 people and affecting a further 15,000. These people have not been properly consulted about the dam or their future. There is no resettlement plan and people are worried that they won't be properly compensated. Turkey has a bad past record on resettlement and compensation.

A resettlement village in north east Turkey

The area is rich in wildlife including golden eagle, brown bears, wolves, wild boar, mountain goat, lynx, otter, and leopard. The region's wildlife has never been properly studied or documented. Local people feel it has been "forgotten" by the Turkish government.

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