Photo of parents and children striking

Global Climate Strikes September 2019

On 20 September 2019 we joined the Global Climate Strike and urged our decision-makers to take immediate climate action.

The strike coincides with a month-long exhibition, The Art of Activism, which we'll be hosting with theprintspace and The Guardian.

If you were inspired by the strike and want to do more, you've come to the right place.

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Visit the Art of Activism exhibition

The Art of Activism is a multi-artist exhibition and fundraiser hosted by The Guardian, theprintspace and Friends of the Earth at theprintspace gallery, London.

The exhibition, which is open from 19 September to 13 October, takes its inspiration from the darkly humorous placards that people create for demonstrations.

Buy prints. Visit the exhibition.

Art of Activism exhibition display 2019

Take action in your community

Strikes and protests are all about getting together with others for a common cause.

What better way to continue that sense of unity than joining with people in your community to take climate action?

Right now people across the country are forming Climate Action groups and working with local councils to make their communities more climate-friendly.

Will you join them?

Top tips for first time protestors

Strikes and protests around the climate crisis are becoming more frequent and attracting new crowds.

If it's your first time joining in, you make feel a little unsure. But fear not.

We've pooled 40 years of activism knowledge to share our top tips for first-timers, aimed at making your experience as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Act in solidarity

Whether it's a family commitment or financial constraint, we understand that not everyone can join in at strikes and protests.

But it's very easy to show your support another way.

All you really need is 2 or more people, a camera, and a social media account.