OG Earth says "climate change is a myth... SHUT UP!"

​​​​​​​Meet the world’s biggest social influencer: OG Earth

12 Oct 2017
OG Earth has lit up Insta with their wit, charm and bare-faced cheek, speaking out on the hottest issue of the day: climate change.

The world’s biggest social influencer has only just landed on Insta but is already creating waves to protect our warming planet. Presenting OG Earth. The one, the only, the original.

OG Earth has been around since day one but has taken to Instagram to vent their frustrations about the way they are being treated.

Rising global temperatures are getting OG Earth hot under the collar, being prodded and poked with fracking drills is getting under OG Earth’s skin and the burning of coal, oil and gas is making OG Earth choke. And now OG Earth is telling it like it is.

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OG Earth, said:

“Let’s be real. I’m a face. You know me. I’m known throughout the universe. I get snapped in pics about a billion times a day but I never get a mention. I never get a shout out and you lot never ask ‘what’s up?’.

“But that’s about to change. I’m all about my Insta now and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get me some much-needed love and attention.”

OG Earth, added:

“The truth is, you lot are giving me a hard time, running me into the ground. It’s very peak right now. I’m stressed and I’m tired of facing it alone so I’m taking my pain to socials cos I heard people are supportive there. Hopefully I can share some anxieties about my situation and people can show some love. I really feel I need it right now.”

OG Earth is speaking out to coincide with Friends of the Earth’s global day of action to save the climate on the 14 October and is calling on everyone to #ProtectOurFutures.