​​​​​​​Oscar winner Mark Rylance speaks out against fracking as part of global climate day

13 Oct 2017
Oscar winning British actor, Sir Mark Rylance, speaks out against fracking and its impact on climate change.

Oscar winning British actor, Sir Mark Rylance, has joined his voice with campaigners across the country to oppose fracking as part of Friends of the Earth’s global day of action to save the climate tomorrow (Saturday 14 October).

From New York to Nairobi, and from Blackpool to Budapest, thousands of people around the world are taking to the streets to call for more action on climate change.

In the UK, people are coming together to say no to fracking for the sake of our climate. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as it’s commonly known, is the controversial process of pumping a high-pressure mixture of chemicals and water into shale rock, ‘fracturing’ it to release gas. England is the only part of the UK where the process is allowed to take place, as authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have put a stop to it because of the risks.

Commenting on fracking, Sir Mark Rylance said:

“Being an island people, are we willing to risk poisoning our aquifers with an uncertain extraction proposal by a profit driven multinational industry? I don’t think so.”

Speaking about the global day of action, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner, Rachel Kennerley, said: “Recently we’ve seen hurricanes destroy lives in the Caribbean and North America. Climate change is causing stronger storms. Droughts, flooding and heatwaves are getting more extreme. Stopping climate change isn’t just about the future, it’s about protecting people’s homes and lives right now.

“But it’s not too late to turn things around. In the UK we need to end coal, skip fracking and go straight to renewable energy. That’s why we’ve come together to tell the government: don’t frack our future.”

Friends of the Earth are calling on people to tell Secretary of State, Greg Clark MP, to say no to fracking, as part of their global day of action to save the climate: