Clean Air Week of Action: best bits

Thousands took part in our Week of Action for clean air. Here are the best bits.
  Published:  14 Jul 2017    |      1 minute read

It was great to see so many MPs and Councillors taking part in our week of action for clean air. We need as many as possible supporting our campaign to make sure the government’s final Air Quality Plan is up-to-scratch.

Clean Air Week of Action photos with MPs holding Clean Air Zone sign

Clockwise from top left: Alan Whitehead MP, Southampton Test; Geraint Davies MP, Swansea West; Valerie Vaz MP, Walsall South; David Tutt, Eastbourne council.

Powerful parades

Our friends in Darlington led a show-stopping parade, carrying mock tombs to represent the lives lost every year in Darlington due to air pollution. This reminds us just why we’re taking action to beat air pollution.

Clean Air Week of Action parade Darlington Friends of the Earth with coffin

Press success

From Northumberland to the New Forest. local papers got the scoop on all things clean air.

Clean Air Week of Action Media stories Alnwick and Shoreham

Practical tips

Manchester Friends of the Earth were on-hand during the week to impart useful and practical tips for healthier air, with tip number 5 being particularly excellent.

Surprise reveals

Chester Friends of Earth kept us on tenterhooks when they held an event to reveal the results from their air monitoring tubes. Well done on keeping tight-lipped!

Great (and very busy) stalls!

The week was defined by the stalls held across the country. Together, we demonstrated that the collective will for clean air everywhere is a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations to our brilliant Local Groups and supporters for making the Week of Action such a success.

Camden Friends of the Earth. Clean Air Week of Action stall in street with people holding Clean Air Zone sign.

Clean Air Week of Action stall Lewisham with people holding Clean Air Zone sign

Two people holding a Clean air zone sign for Oxford

Join us in the fight against air pollution.