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Global Climate Strikes 14 February 2020

On 14 February 2020, schools may be empty but the streets will be full. Young people are calling on everyone to join the climate strikes across the country to demand emergency action on climate breakdown.

Show love for the planet this Valentine's Day by joining or supporting the strikes.

Indonesia floods

Join the strikes

The climate crisis is happening now with communities across the world, who have contributed least to the crisis, feeling the sharpest impacts.

When we need our leaders to step up, they continue to let us down from filling the skies with more planes, to backing fracking in the UK, and funding oil and gas projects abroad.

The window to act is closing fast. It's time to stand alongside young people fighting for climate justice.

Indonesia floods
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We still have hope

We still have time to turn things around and secure the ambitious action we need to create a greener, fairer world.

Huge change is possible. In 2019, the UK went coal-free for 18 days. That's the longest break since the 1880s, and something that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago.

Man installing solar panel

Listen to the School Strikers

On 20 September 2019 schoolchildren striking against the worsening climate crisis were joined by millions of adults for the Global Climate Strike.

Presenter Muna interviews the youth climate activists at the heart of the school strikes just days before the historic event.

Listen to their story.

Take action in your community

Strikes and protests are all about getting together with others for a common cause.

What better way to continue that sense of unity than joining with people in your community to take climate action?

Right now people across the country are forming Climate Action groups and working with local councils to make their communities more climate-friendly.

Will you join them?

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Top tips for first time protestors

Strikes and protests around the climate crisis are becoming more frequent and attracting new crowds.

If it's your first time joining in, you make feel a little unsure. But fear not.

We've pooled 40 years of activism knowledge to share our top tips for first-timers, aimed at making your experience as enjoyable and safe as possible.

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