Barbara Richardson standing at the end of her driveway, which is the proposed Roseacre fracking site

“I am opposed to fracking because it will devastate our community”

Barbara Richardson wasn’t against fracking when she first heard about it. But when Cuadrilla applied to frack 500m from her house, curiosity got the better of her.
  Published:  13 Jan 2015    |      1 minute read

Barbara's research left her rattled and fearing for other communities as well as her own. She was concerned about its climate-changing emissions too.

Thousands of Lancashire residents like Barbara need our help right now.

Originally I wasn’t even anti-fracking. The more I’ve researched, the more horrified I’ve actually become.

It’s a fossil fuel industry

Barbara, a primary school teaching assistant, lives just 500m from the proposed fracking site at Roseacre.

“This area’s so peaceful and tranquil. When I go out into my garden, all I can hear is the birds singing. And [if fracking goes ahead] we’re going to have an industrial site virtually at the end of my driveway belching out emissions. I’m really worried.”

“Originally I wasn’t even anti-fracking. I just wanted to know more about it and what the impact would be on our community. The more I’ve researched, the more horrified I’ve become about potential impacts on our community. Not just this community, but potentially any community within the UK.”

“Fracking is a dirty business. It’s a fossil fuel industry, which could potentially damage people’s health [and] the environment. I just feel that the risks are far too great to invest in this sort of infrastructure.”

Barbara standing by the proposed fracking site (Roseacre wood), which is behind her.
Barbara at the end of her driveway. The proposed fracking site (Roseacre wood) is behind her.

There are better energy solutions

“Since we heard about fracking we’ve been looking into energy. Alternative clean energy solutions such as solar, tidal, wind. We should be investing in things like energy efficiencies instead of [fracking].”

I would urge all Friends of the Earth supporters to fight this.

“I would urge all Friends of the Earth supporters to do everything they possibly can to fight this industry. If we don’t stop it here [in Roseacre and at Preston New Road], there’s a danger this is going to spread like a rash across the country.”

"[And] to encourage other people and the Government to start looking at better more Earth-friendly solutions. Solutions that are not going to damage our planet. Solutions that are going to benefit all and will not harm our environment – not impact on climate change.”

“We have a legacy to leave to people. I want my children to inherit a healthy planet. Investing in fossil fuels is not the way forward.”

Tell your MP that communities say no to fracking

Tell your MP that communities say no to fracking