Sherwood Forest

Save Sherwood Forest from fracking

Legendary home of Robin Hood under threat from fracking

Sherwood Forest is home to thousands of species of plants and animals. Woodland in the area dates back to the Ice Age.

Now there's a threat that chemicals giant INEOS could spoil it by fracking for shale gas. The company has applied to carry out seismic surveys – a first step towards fracking.

If INEOS's plans go ahead, its activities would pass within a few hundred metres of the Major Oak, an 800-year-old tree under whose canopy Robin Hood's merry men and women are said to have slept.

This invaluable area of outstanding beauty could be lost to fracking.

Actor as Friar Tuck with petition placard saying "250,000 PEOPLE SAY PROTECT SHERWOOD FOREST"

Why Sherwood should be saved

Reverend Debra can't understand why anyone would want to put such an ancient, majestic and beautiful forest like Sherwood at risk from fracking.