Target plans to allow GM contamination

'Coexistence' is European Commission language, used to describe their vision of growing GM crops with non-GM and organic crops.

Unfortunately the UK Government is planning weak co-existence measures, allowing the widespread contamination of non-GM crops and seeds.

England & Northern Ireland

In England and Northern Ireland, the public have already been consulted on the issue. We were delighted that thousands of people sent in their objections to the proposals before the consultations closed. But even though the consultations have closed, you can still take action.

Ask people to send their MP our new postcard 

Our new postcard (PDF† - 1.7MB) urges the Government to protect our food and farming from GMcontamination. We want to get as many members of the public as possible to send it to their MP. Pleasecontact us to order free copies.

Write to your MP

It is very important that MPs understand the level of public concern over GMcontamination. Tell your MP your concerns about GM food
Please also send your MP a copy of your response to the consultation.

Wales & Scotland

Separate consultations will take place in Wales and Scotland. We'll provide extra information for these consultations when they are launched.

Stay informed

Sign up to our GM contamination email list. We will keep you informed about the consultation, what happens next and key opportunities for action.

Find out more

Take a look at our resources pages for background information on GMcoexistence.