Shop Local First

Our main work on shops and supermarkets is now part of the Tescopoly Alliance. But, our Shop Local First resources might still be useful to help you to support local shops in your area.

What is the Shop Local First campaign?

The short term aims of the campaign are to:

  • Raise consumer awareness of the benefits of shopping in local shops vs shopping in big supermarkets
  • Get consumers to shift at least some of their shopping from big supermarkets to local shops

The longer term aims are to:

  • Help to keep local shops viable by encouraging shoppers to use them
  • Get local planning policies in place that support local shops and restrict new supermarket development
  • Encourage local shops to source more local/organic/ethical products by building a relationship with them

What can you do?

We have produced a campaign pack which contains all the information and materials you will need to run a Shop Local First campaign. 

  1. Introduction (PDF - 70K)
    What is the Shop Local First campaign all about?
  2. Background (PDF - 109K)
    Why this activity is needed and suggestions for further reading.
  3. Campaign ideas (PDF - 109K)
    What you or your local group can do?
  4. Case studies (PDF - 176K)
    Examples of what people have already done from the UK, Europe and US.
  5. Questions and answers (PDF - 85K)
    This will help you answer those sticky questions from the public, journalists, or shopkeepers.
  6. Draft press release (PDF - 24K)
    This can be adapted for your area.