Why do we need a Climate Change Act?

In 2008 Friends of the Earth and hundreds of thousands of supporters made sure we got a strong climate change law.


CO2 stays in the atmosphere for around 100 years.

If in 2049 we invented a technology that met the 2050 target overnight, levels of CO2 in the atmosphere would already be too high.

So long-term targets give a false sense of security.

The Climate Change Act with annual targets ensures that no Government passes responsibility to future administrations.

Setting annual targets for CO2 will increase market certainty and help reduce emissions.


The recession may have led to a fall in UK greenhouse gases in 2009, but our economy remains heavily addicted to fossil fuels. Early estimates suggest that emissions grew again in 2010.

The Government will undermine savings by individuals if it does not encourage green innovation.

Let's make sure local councils get the support they need to drive ambitious emissions cuts with a system of local carbon budgets.

Please help if you can.