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General Election 2019 Have your election candidates signed the climate pledge?

The 2019 manifestos: final scores

If parliamentary candidates do not act urgently on the climate emergency, then the cost to current and future generations in terms of lives lost, livelihoods damaged, and economic harm will be severe.

With all the main party manifestos now in the public domain (and additional policies added and clarified), we share the final scores on how each party ranks at tackling the climate and ecological crises in their 2019 manifestos.

Election podcast

A General Election gives us the chance to make our voices heard on the issues that matter most.

And with increased understanding of the climate emergency – and frequent strikes and protests – will this election turn out to be the UK's first climate election?

Climate campaigner Muna Suleiman speaks to guests about election fatigue and what to ask our local candidates in our podcast "How to Save the Planet".

What to ask candidates

Depending on where you live, there may be several candidates vying for the position of MP in your area.

Ahead of the vote on 12 December, they'll likely be stepping out to speak to constituents and share their plans should they be elected - including what they plan to do to tackle the climate crisis.

We've put some questions together for you to ask should they come knocking.

Have your election candidates signed the climate pledge?

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Lobby together

Right now, Climate Action groups across the country are lobbying their local representatives to put the climate crisis at the heart of the 2019 General Election.

From organising climate-focused hustings to meeting prospective parliamentary candidates, Climate Action groups are using people power to get their voices heard.

Whether you're a marketing genius or just want to lend a hand in your local area, Climate Action groups will be stronger with you by their side.

Friends of the Earth is party politically impartial. Our aim is to ensure all parties have the strongest possible policies to protect the environment.