Green map

Want to see where fracking is planned around the UK? Or where flooding has affected communities? Or where the countryside is protected by Green Belt? Well now you can view all this - and much more - on our Green Map, below. Simply click the buttons to hide and reveal different layers, and explore what's happening in your area.

This map is a resource of all sorts of environmental and campaigning data that we hope will be useful across many different campaigns and activities. As interesting and helpful new data becomes available, we will add to it over time.

If you have suggestions of new map layers to add, please submit them via this easy-to-use Google Form.

Map Legend


Friends of the Earth Local Groups

Community Energy Projects: locally owned energy projects


Green Businesses: green energy companies

Other Green Groups: other local green organisations


Renewable Energy Projects: sites producting clean energy

Government licences allowing fracking: licences granted to fracking companies


Areas under consideration for licensing: where the Government is considering granting licences in the next round of licensing

Green Belt: areas protected from development to prevent urban sprawl


Common Land: land over which local people may still hold rights of common

Local Authorities: boundaries of county councils, unitary authorities, metropolitan & London borough councils


Historic Flooding: maximum extent of recorded historic flooding from rivers and the sea

MP constituencies: Parliamentary constituencies with details of MPs