Bee Worlds thrive all over Wales

Bleddyn Lake

19 August 2014

Local communities and Friends of the Earth Cymru plant new bee habitats throughout Wales. 

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I smiled to myself when I noticed Bron Afon Community Housing Association had created a wonderful Bee World on my old route to school (a long time ago now!). 

Bron Afon's Bee World, in Torfaen, South Wales.

As a schoolboy, I wonder what I would have thought of this colourful meadow, as I passed it on the way to and from school every day? And would a rugby ball maybe have ended up accidentally smack bang in the middle of them at some stage?  

Children in Ponthir Primary School, Torfaen, enjoy their Bee World.

I've been running The Bee Cause for Friends of the Earth Cymru for the last 2 or 3 years now, and have worked closely with many communities who have been keen to plant their own wildlife havens. It seems that wherever I look, more Bee Worlds are springing up. Many of these are the result of fantastic efforts by community groups such as Bron Afon, which has have led the way with their habitat restoration work in Torfaen.

“Bee worlds provide a great habitat for wildlife and are beautiful and calming places for people to reflect through the day.” Steve Caddy, Bron Afon Community Housing


Bee World plaque outside Bron Afon headquarters in Llantarnam.

As we start to reverse decades of declining bee habitats, I really hope that the students who are now in my old school will grow up with wildlife habitats a common feature of their neighbourhood.

A lady on her way to the shops stops to admire the wildflowers on one of the Bron Afon Housing Association estates.

The Welsh Government has a new Pollinator Plan, so local authorities around Wales are now taking action to help bees - but there is still much more we can do. Friends of the Earth local groups are leading the way in this campaign - if you live in Wales, why not join your nearest Friends of the Earth local group. We really can make a difference when we act together.  

Bleddyn Lake, Local Groups Development Officer, Friends of the Earth Cymru 

Thank you to David Woodfall/ for the images in this article

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