Make the most of your food this Christmas

Kierra Box

18 December 2015

Don't miss out on a single morsel - make the most of your leftovers and cut down on food waste this Christmas.

You’re planning to eat a lot – so take some time to plan your festive food and enjoy a waste-free Christmas. We've compiled some of the best tips for cutting your food waste and the best recipes for using up those leftovers.

Day 1: Christmas day

reindeer in santa hats

Cook only what you need and serve it in ways that minimise waste:

Store your food so it keeps better for longer:

Day 2: Boxing day

Cranberry, Sprout and Pecan Pilaf
Cranberry, Sprout and Pecan Pilaf, by BBC Good Food

Go to town on your leftovers today – a whole range of recipes are available to help you reinvent your Christmas meal.

Day 3: 27 December

Turkey chilli in pot
Turkey con Chilli, by

Still got a fridge full of turkey? Jamie Oliver has some tips.

Day 4: 28 December

Sprout, clementine and chestnut salad
Sprout, clementine and chestnut salad, by Colin Campbell for the Guardian

What about food that didn’t even make it to the table? Is your fridge full of spare sprouts? Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has a suggestion - or get some more seasonal ideas for your sprouts

Day 5: 29 December

bowl of soup
Turkey soup, by

You should aim to finish up any leftover meat today – make stock or soup out of your remaining turkey meat and bones. You can freeze this if you need to. 

Day 6: 30 December

cheese souffle
Cheeseboard Souffle, by BBC Good Food

That took care of the meal – what about the snacks and desserts?

Day 7: 31 December

vegetable soup
Everyday vegetable soup, by

Run a new years eve party with leftover grub – ask your guests to bring their surplus Christmas veggies for a collaborative, warming soup. Invite donations of surplus snacks and party food, or arrange a swap of unwanted food-based gifts.

Day 8: 1 January 2016!

happy new year decorations
New year, by Candace Penny/

Make a New Year's resolution to make the most of your leftovers...

Pledge to Eat Better in 2016 

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