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About Us

When and Where

We meet at 7:30pm on the first Thursday of each month in one of our members' houses. Please contact us to find out where our next meeting will be. New members are welcome.


About this Group

More information about us, our campaigns, subgroups and events can be found on our other website. We formed officially in May 2010 after a local meeting about climate change in November 2009 allowed interested people to get together. We are a small group mostly based in Baildon but welcome members from Saltaire, Shipley and the locality. We are interested in promoting the use of renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions and have particular expertise in solar power. We are also interested in promoting growing food locally.


The sun shines on Baildon

"11 by 11"; this was the aim of Baildon Friends of the Earth: they aimed to encourage 11 Baildon homes to install photovoltaic (PV) panels by 2011. By February 2011 this had already been achieved. Eleven Baildon homes with PV receive over 50% of their electricity free from the sun, and typically make an extra income of £900 per year by generating their own electricity from the roofs.

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Lets Act on Climate Change

On 15 November 2010, Baildon Friends of the Earth held a public meeting to showcase local actions that are being taken to reduce CO2 emissions and to encourage others to become involved.

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Contact details

Postal James Craig
16 Bartle Gill Drive Baildon
BD17 6UE
Phone James Craig
01274 580631
Email Contact us by email