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Cleaner Air Campaign

Blackwater Valley joined other local groups up and down the country by having a Clean Air Action Day on July 1st in Camberley. We chose Surrey Heath to have the day as we recently installed tubes around Surrey Heath to measure the levels of nitrogen dioxide (air pollutant mainly emitted by vehicle engines, particularly diesel).This has shown illegal levels above 40ug/m3 in Frimley High St; outside Frimley Park Hospital and on the A30 at the Meadows shopping centre. We invited Michael Gove (MP for Surrey Heath and Sec of the State for the Environment) to explain how he plans to improve the draft Air Action Plan before it gets finally published at the end of July. He declined to come but we were accompanied by Sharon Galliford and Anne-Marie Barker who are the Surrey Heath prospective candidates for the Green Party and Lib Dems respectively (both pictured above with our members).

We got some very good press from Camberley News and Mail which put us on the front page. We also had nearly 100 signed cards from concerned shoppers on the day, requesting that Teresa May improves the Air Action Plan by giving a trade-in for old diesel cars, to help owners to move to cleaner more sustainable forms of transport.