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It is well known that biofuels are blended with road fuels, so even if you use public transport you can not abstain from deforestation diesel. Richard Branson is also keen to use this greenwash fuel in his trains and planes. The Public Eye People’s Awards ‘Worst Company of the Year Award’ went to Finnish corporation, Neste Oil, soon to be the biggest palm oil purchaser as they start working with European airlines.

It is relatively accepted that industrial biofuels lead to deforestation and greater carbon emissions than fossil fuels, biodiversity loss, human rights abuses and malnutrition. These issues have escaped governments and developers. Not content with feeding cars, when the remaining biosphere needs to remain as ecosystems and carbon sinks, the government is now encouraging power stations to burn biofuels and biomass (wood) to ‘keep our lights on’. Developers get twice as many ROCs (Renewable Energy Certificates) to burn palm oil from Borneo peatlands as on-shore windfarms. UK NGO, Biofuelwatch have worked with local Friends of the Earth groups in Ealing, Beckton, Portland, Bristol and Newport to oppose biofuel power stations. These have been supported by Kenneth Richter, FoE’s national biofuels campaigner at Underwood Street.

Kenneth has recently returned from Ghana, where he witnessed first hand, the land grabs occurring in Africa that threaten the food sovereignty and security of subsistence farmers who are deprived of their most fertile land, in order that European companies can grow jatropha to maintain our profligate lifestyles. A pdf on this can be downloaded from FoE’s website and a general biofuels leaflet is available by ringing 020 7490 1555.

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