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We are so excited to invite all the little ones out there to our next Friends of the Earth event, this time in partnership with Global Footsteps.

We are planning a fun-filled afternoon bringing the story of our bees to life through wondrous tales from the very entertaining and talented John Row, creative arts and crafts events and then a special guest appearance by Beatrice the Bee.

The afternoon will consist of three intervals of enchanting tales of bees presented by John Row - a renowned story-teller, author and poet. In between, the kids will be able to set their creative energies alight on our arts and crafts tables after which they will be visited by Beatrice the Bee who has come all the way from The Magical Hive to share with them The Secrets of the Bees. We have invited all the reception year students of the local schools to participate in the event so if you have a little one that you would like to join let us know as there is a special Bee Amazed event that they can #BEEINVOLVED in. This is an opportunity for them to create their own bee either through drawing, painting, collage, model making, anything really! This will need to be done before the event and brought along on the day. After our third story, John, Beatrice and a special guest will be going through all the Bee Amazed entries and pick a winner for our surprise hamper.

BUT DON'T GO JUST YET! Because we want all our attendees to come dressed as a bee in the most creative way possible, and as this is a Friends of the Earth event, we encourage all costumes to be home made. If they can be made of recycled goods even better! So parents we invite you to #BEEINVOLVED with the costume creation as it could be a fun thing you could do together as a family. There will then be further prizes for the most funny, the most creative, most inspiring and most eco-friendly outfits so GET PLANNING! Can't wait to see you all there, please tell all and let us know you are coming.

Lots of love! Yolande, Fabiola and Zuzana Friends of the Earth and Global Footsteps

P.S. For more information on John Row please check out his website PLEASE RSVP