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Ella Kissi-Debrah died from a severe asthma attack, caused by abysmal air quality in London. More on -

Derby is one of the 6 UK Government Clean Air Zone cities, in which air quality is so bad that Air Quality Standards for nitrogen dioxide are regularly breached. In Derby that's the inner ring & outer ring road. The incineration company has admitted the Derby/Derbyshire Renewi incineration plant chimney and associated traffic, will also worsen air quality.

STOP PRESS We have received email confirmation from OFGEM that Renewable Obligation Certificates for the Derby/Derbyshire incineration plant, had NOT been secured, contrary to their claims



The Renewi incineration plant will burn through 360,000 litres of diesel every year, to aid the burning process. UK electricity demand would be no more than 10%, because of electric cars, from 2040. So theres no need for diesel farms/incineration plants either.

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