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Exeter Friends of the Earth

Exeter Friends of the Earth aims to engage the community with everyday small-scale actions which help to support the local environment.

We want to work with the people, the university, and the businesses of Exeter to encourage everyday behaviour change, in order to raise awareness about the global climate crisis and provide an opportunity for people to make real change in their local community.

In doing so, we hope that a greater engagement with widespread local actions can produce global effects!

Our campaigns

Exeter Friends of the Earth is planning to develop strong partnerships with the university by hosting stalls on the campus and working on small-scale projects with the Sustainability team. And encouraging behavioural change among students, like reducing single-use plastic consumption in their daily routine in both the city and on campus.

We hope to engage with businesses and local people in the city, by talking to and promoting local environmentally-conscious start-ups. And we hope to run activities such as cross-community clothes swaps to encourage the shift towards a circular economy, and beach cleans to protect Devon’s beautiful coastline.

To find out more about the projects we’re currently working on, contact us below.

Get involved

Are you interested in getting involved? Get in touch with us to find out more. There’s no required level of commitment, and you’ll have a great chance to meet new like-minded people and have fun while also doing your bit for a more sustainable Exeter.

We know that everyone has busy lives, but if we bring all our individual knowledge and experience together, we can make a real difference – in Exeter, and in the wider context of the climate crisis. You don’t need to be an experienced campaigner to help out. We’d love to see anyone who is passionate about protecting their local environment.

To find out when our next meeting is, or just to hear more about the group and how you could get involved, contact us using the form below. We’re always ready to welcome new members to our group, so come along and join in!

Get in touch

Find out how you can get involved locally

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