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Divest Tower Hamlets

We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels if we're going to avoid a catastrophic increase in the average global temperature.

Across the world organisations have invested in companies making profits from fossil fuels. The time has come for these organisations to withdraw from these investments.

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The Bee Cause

Bees are in trouble. Three of the 25 species of British bumblebee are already extinct and half of the remainder have shown serious declines, some up to 70%, since the 1970s.

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Fracking is a growing threat, as the Government looks to licence around two thirds of the UK to oil and gas companies. The Government (including Boris Johnson) also plans to include central London in areas where fracking could take place!

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Make It Better

Make It Better is a Friends of the Earth campaign that aims to improve the way our products are made.

Friends of the Earth have delved into production and manufacture to reveal stories about some of our favourite stuff, from smartphones to chocolate.

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Old campaigns - Clean British Energy

The Clean British Energy campaign aims to help transform the way Britain produces and uses energy. Clean British energy is our best hope for a clean, secure and affordable fuel energy future.

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Old campaigns: Get Serious About C02

Thanks to amazing local groups like ours, in 2008 the Big Ask campaign forced the Government to adopt the first ever Climate Change Law in the world. We are now committed to an 80 per cent cut in emissions by 2050.
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