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Rolling Resistance in Lancashire - 25th July 2017

Report by Sara Thornton, Leicester Friends of the Earth member.

From the 19th to the 25th of July, I stayed at the Maple Farm camp by Preston New Road (PNR) to take part in the peaceful protests against Cuadrilla and their efforts of fracking in Lancashire. This week was part of Reclaim the Power’s month of ‘Rolling Resistance’ at PNR. It was a week of spending almost 12 hours a day out on the road in the sun and rain, taking part in sit-ins, singing songs, sharing food, documenting the events of the week and supporting those that had decided to lock themselves into arm tubes in their efforts to stop Cuadrilla’s work for the day. There was regular violence from both Cuadrilla’s security guards and police officers, but the spirit of those protesting endured in their conviction of protecting the environment their children and grandchildren would grow up in, protecting the health of the local communities as well as our global climate.

The food we shared was absolutely delicious (vegetarian and vegan) and cooked by volunteers. I also helped in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes after meals, and for those who do not want to be on the front lines of PNR by Cuadrilla’s gates, there is plenty of support work to be done back at camp. The weekend was spent with different workshops including workshops on Direct Action, Activist Meditation and organic farming. We listened to live music, and regained energy for the following week.

Until the day comes when Cuadrilla halts its work on Preston New Road, peaceful and determined resistance will surely continue. I would recommend anyone who has the chance to take a trip up to Blackpool and meet this inspiring group of local community members and activists. Sincere thanks go to all those who are at PNR, keep up the amazing work and keep the love in your hearts! You are an inspiration to us all and I hope I can join you again soon.