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Lizard Peninsula Friends of the Earth

Lizard Peninsula Friends of the Earth is a Cornish campaigning group which covers the town of Helston and the surrounding area, as well as the whole of the Lizard Peninsula. As a rural area almost surrounded by the ocean, our emphasis is on issues affecting the marine and natural environment. We also work on national Friends of the Earth campaigns which have special local resonance, particularly climate change.

Our campaigns

Our local campaigning tackles marine, countryside, and community issues. For many years we've promoted a "plastic-free land and sea" with a monthly stall at Helston Farmers’ Market, selling alternatives to single-use plastic (which developed from an earlier campaign against plastic bags). The stall is also a great platform for national Friends of the Earth campaigns. Our annual John Mackay Award is presented to local people, groups, or businesses to celebrate their environmental contributions.

Get involved

We meet every other month in Helston to consider environmental issues affecting our local area, as well as how we can implement wider national Friends of the Earth campaigns (eg, Climate Action). Our meetings are lively, with everyone having a say, and we welcome guests. A bi-monthly newsletter keeps our members up to date. Our Facebook page informs people about our activities and how they can get involved. You can find it by clicking on the icon above or get in touch through the contact form below.

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