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Save the bees

We are proud to announce that the EU voted to ban certain pesticides that harm bee health! 

We're committed to helping protect bees. In the UK, we are urging for a strong Bee Action Plan and raising awareness via FOE's Bee Cause Campaign.

We are planning a number of events this autumn to support the bees. This includes having a bee stall at the showing of Mikron Theatre's bee production in Bradville on 1 September. Come along to see the spectacular performance, Beyond the Veil.

Posing with the Mayor at the Eco Festival

The group informed the community about the plight of the bees at the Eco Festival on 14th July in Great Linford.

We had the unique opportunity to meet the Mayor of Milton Keynes in our fluffy bee costume!

Despite the heat, two of our members climbed a rock wall in their bee outfits.

The event was successful and thanks to all that came to help! We look forward to going again next year.

Running for the bees

MK FOE members, Brittany Wilkerson and Jo Bevan, ran the Milton Keynes Half Marathon dressed as BEES in support of the Bee Cause Campaign. The half marathon took place in March 2013.

Congratulations to Jo Bevan for raising £200! Proceeds went towards the national Bee Cause Campaign, and MK FOE. Other members attended the half marathon to support the bee runners in the freezing cold!

Thank you to Mandy Loader for running on behalf of MK FOE for the Milton Keynes Green Marathon on 6 May. Donations can still be made here.

Buzzing around at Apple Day Event

MK FOE members dressed up in bee costumes to spread the messages of the Bee Cause Campaign at Apple Day in Stony Stratford in October. 

We informed local residents of the drastic decline of the bee population in Britain, and the impacts this has had on the agricultural sector and food supply.

We encouraged residents to take action by signing a petition, planting bee-friendly flowers, and informing others.

A friendly local Beekeeper from Buckinghamshire HONEY (Chackmore) provided the MK FOE members with additional pictures and information for their stall. She explained the plight of the bees from her perspective and the importance of good beekeeping practices.

To share ideas and connect with others working on the Bee Cause Campaign, please visit the Bee Hub.