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Clean British Energy

Climate change is the biggest and most urgent environmental threat we face.

In the UK, approximately a third of our carbon dioxide emissions come from power stations.

We have to cut emissions to avert catastrophe and we can achieve this by harnessing the natural, clean and inexhaustible energy sources around us: the sun, waves, and WIND. Our group is working on actions to help make this vision a reality.

Supporting wind farms in the area

MK FOE showed their support at the public enquiries this summer for the Orchard Way Wind Farm in Haversham and the Nun Wood Wind Farm near Lavendon and Bozeat. The decisions on the wind farms will be made in coming months.

  Members spoke at the enquiry, distributed leaflets, and answered questions. We would like to give a special thanks to South Bedfordshire FOE for helping us prepare for the enquiries. We really couldn't have done it without all of your help!

We were pleased to hear a member of the Green Party speak at the Orchard Way public enquiry in Milton Keynes. The MK Citizen featured Traviss Locke's letter on the Nun Wood Wind Farm in its editorial section in June (see photo).

MK FOE members supported the High Court’s ruling on the 15th April, stopping councils from imposing large separation zones between dwellings and wind turbines.

“The council's attempts to introduce a buffer zone would have made most of the area a no-go location for wind turbines. Wind power is a key part of the mix of renewable energy that we need to see grow in the UK if we want a chance to avoid catastrophic climate change,” states MK FOE Wind Campaign Leader, Rebecca McKinney. She was quoted in a number of newspaper, i.e. Littlehampton Gazette, Engineering & Technology Magazine, and The Economic Voice.

FOE believes that each turbine proposal should be investigated individually to ensure good placement of clean energy production and benefits to the community. The wind debate is a part of FOE’s wider campaign for Clean British Energy.

Campaigning for Clean British Energy

A current issue in the wider Clean British Energy Campaign is to put forward our concerns and opinions to the MPs currently debating the new Energy Bill. The three elements FOE want to achieve in the new Energy Bill are:

  • Clean up our power system by removing the carbon from it, and free us from our dependence on fossil fuels;
  • Create tens of thousands of new jobs for British workers and make us world leaders in renewable energy technology; and
  • Stop the Big Six energy companies from building a generation of new, dirty, gas power stations. 

Learn more about the campaign here, and get involved here.

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