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Oxfordshire Climate Action

In February 2016, Oxford Friends of the Earth hosted a meeting on cooperation between local organisations active on climate change. Over 40 people from 21 organisations took part. 

Subsequently, we've set up Oxfordshire Climate Action Network as a way for people and groups to work together on issues where joint action is more effective. One of our strengths in Oxfordshire is the diversity of groups and approaches but we need ways to cooperate when it is important to do so. Among the issues where we can cooperate are:

  • A new lobbying network to target our MPs.
  • Support for the strong Fossil Free Oxfordshire campaign that is currently pressurising the County Council to divest its pension fund - they need our support.
  • All new build, transport planning etc. increases emissions - we need to look at how we cooperate on planning issues (at district and county level) and support people working to get emission reduction work built into Neighbourhood Plans.

We also need to tackle Oxford’s transport problems to address the climate impacts and air pollution.

Contact Chris for further information.

Oxfordshire Climate Action Network