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Sign a letter to your MP to demand urgent action on climate change

Oxford Climate Lobbying (part of Oxfordshire Climate Action Network) is collecting signatures for letters from constituents to our new MPs (Layla Moran in Oxford West & Abingdon and Anneliese Dodds in Oxford East) which the group are planning to present at a meeting to each MP in September.

The intention is to use this opportunity to begin a dialogue with our respective MPs about those issues relating to climate change which it is the responsibility of national government to act on.

Download the letter to Layla Moran here or the letter to Annelise Dodds here

When you have completed your letter, please send via email to Caroline Roaf (Oxford Climate Lobbying).

We hope this initiative will build on the co-operation among many local and national community groups on climate change, already well developed across both Oxford constituencies.