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30ft-long petition calls for action on air pollution in Oxfordshire

On 7 November 2017, we presented our petition with over 1400 signatures of support to Oxfordshire County Council calling for all our local councils to develop a strong action programme that will deliver the changes we need to ensure that we have air that meets WHO standards by 2020. 

Jacky Penning-Rowsell of Oxford Friends of the Earth spoke at the November County Council meeting, reminding everyone of the health impacts and mortalities arising from air pollution now. Oxford Friends of the Earth's position is that whilst measures such as the proposed Oxford Zero Emission Zone are very welcome, serious action cannot wait until 2020 or 2035. The County Council unanimously passed a motion that they would work with all the district councils to reduce air pollution. Oxford Friends of the Earth will, of course, continue to monitor developments and maintain pressure for urgent action.

Oxford Friends of the Earth member, Chris Church states “There are 14 Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) across Oxfordshire, backed by hard evidence, that fail to meet national objectives. We need positive action firstly to tackle these AQMAs and improve health. New evidence shows that Oxford has problems on the scale of London in terms of particulate pollution. A new programme will need resources, but it’s about better and more targeted use of those resources, about better coordination and about a readiness to take what may be hard decisions on traffic management, as many other cities have already done." 

We invite you to join the Oxfordshire Clean Air Action Group! Set up and supported by Oxford Friends of the Earth, we want to see:

  • Policy change - We will be lobbying policy-makers at a national, county and city level. Oxfordshire County Council bears a particular responsibility as the authority leading on transport issues for the county. 
  • Community action - Every community can play a part by helping people understand and engage with the issues.  Pollution levels vary widely across the county – those areas that are ‘hot spots’ need support to tackle the local problems.
  • Individual action - Everyone contributes at some level to air pollution – it’s up to all of us to play our part in cutting pollution.

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