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Action on plastic pollution in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire Action on Plastic Pollution (Oxfordshire APP) recently awarded seven stars to two cafes in Oxford for plastic avoidance; Turl Street Kitchen and Jericho Coffee Traders. Oxfordshire APP was formed earlier this year as part of an initiative by Oxford Friends of the Earth, bringing together local groups, businesses and individuals to take action on reducing single-use plastics across the county.

Oxfordshire APP surveyed over 50 cafes in Oxford and Abingdon to see how they were reducing plastic use. Responses ranged from those who were unaware of the issues to those who were already making strenuous reduction efforts. The two top cafes for plastic avoidance are local independent cafes. Abingdon Carbon Cutters, who also participated in surveying local retailers has just launched its Abingdon Cuts Plastic campaign.

We asked whether cafes used plastic takeaway cups, plastic straws or plastic cutlery and containers for take away food. We also asked whether they gave a discount to customers using their own coffee cups and how they disposed of their plastic waste.

We would like to congratulate the winners on their achievement and encourage them, and others, to do more to reduce plastic use. We also encourage the cafes who were awarded five stars to aim for at least seven stars next year and will be awarding their certificates for display.

Top tip: what can you do? Carry your own refillable cup – many cafes give a price reduction to customers using their own reusable cups. Local company Bean Bags Coffee has launched Keep it Green for Oxfordshire reusable cups with all profits from sales of the reusable cups donated to Wild Oxfordshire. You can also challenge cafes which offer plastic straws - which could be banned in the UK next year.

Read the Oxford Mail's Special Report: Campaigners call for county to lead the war on plastic pollution.

Turl Street Kitchen receives 7 stars for plastic avoidance

TSK awarded 7 stars for plastic avoidance

Jericho Coffee Traders receives 7 stars for plastic avoidance

Jericho Coffee Traders awarded 7 stars for plastic avoidance

Hazel Dawe, Oxfordshire Action on Plastic