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Air pollution in Oxfordshire: making a real difference

Around 25 people from across Oxfordshire met at our workshop to discuss next steps on campaigning for clean air.  There were plenty of updates on positive action. Jacky Penning-Rowsell of Oxford Friends of the Earth shared her research on progress and the lack of it across Oxfordshire.  Dr Chris Dore of Aether, a leading consultancy working on air quality based in Oxford gave an excellent presentation of where we are now nationally and locally and Dr Suzanne Bartington presented an excellent overview of health and air pollution issues.

We agreed that joint working between groups will be critical to maximise their impact. We will work to develop a joint ‘statement of intent’. This will set out what groups want to see and some key priorities for action by our councils (and probably central government as well). Keep up to date on this via Oxfordshire Clean Air Action Network.

Our thanks to the Environmental Change Institute for hosting us.

Chris Dore

Susanne Bartington

Jacky P-R