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Nature in peril: Over-development in Oxfordshire

A guest presentation by Dr Sue Roberts and discussion at the 14th December 2016 Oxford Friends of the Earth meeting.

Vast numbers of homes have been agreed for Oxfordshire by unelected business people intent on ‘growth’ of our built environment; growth by 40% (100,000 homes). Developers run roughshod over local people, building pricey executive homes, slowly, and ensuring that local councils do not meet the unachieveable growth targets. By not meeting growth targets, developers can grab extra, prime land from agriculture and from nature, arguing that the council has ‘failed’ in meeting its land supply. This Kafkaesque comedy is a crisis for our rural county. Our depleted natural world is suffering daily blows to its continuance. Houses are placed willy-nilly without services. Massive new roads are planned cutting across natural areas. Please get involved in this quietly ignored crisis! Visit Need Not Greed Oxon website.

Download the slides (PDF) from the presentation here.