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Oxford Big Clean Switch launches!

Oxford community groups launch the ‘Oxford Big Clean Switch’ as part of a new national campaign, challenging people in Oxford to become leaders in support for clean energy.

The Oxford Big Clean Switch launches today with its own website to make it easy for residents to switch to green energy tariffs. A typical home can save over £300 a year switching to the cheapest green tariff. It takes less than 10 minutes to get a quote and switch to a green energy tariff.

  • 60% of UK homes are on a default variable tariff (according to recent Ofgem figures) and will almost certainly save money.
  • For an average home in Oxford, the cheapest green tariffs available through the campaign are now within £35 to £45 of the very cheapest tariffs on the market, and hundreds of pounds cheaper than the average standard tariff with one of the country’s Big Six suppliers. 

The campaign does not promote any single company and offers a choice of tariffs from six different companies. Even people who buy green power already may find that they can switch to a considerably cheaper contract.

The project will also raise funds for local environmental projects. Low Carbon Oxford North (LCON), which leads the coalition running the scheme in Oxford, says 25% of the commission paid by green suppliers will go back into the community.

Alison Hill (LCON chair) said, “We want Oxford to be the place where more people use green energy than anywhere else. We have a high level of renewable energy generation with over 30 schools across the county and a growing number of businesses installing solar power systems. Let’s build on that by using more renewable power as well.

Switching to renewable electricity is critical if we’re to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, but most people don’t realise it could also save them money. Now is the time to make the change. We urge people to visit our website and see what is on offer.”

The Oxford Big Clean Switch is a coalition of local groups, including:

Oxford Big Clean Switch is part of a national pilot which hopes to demonstrate the power of community groups as a positive force for change.The national scheme is a partnership between the Big Clean Switch campaign and Project Dirt, an umbrella organisation for community projects.

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