Climate action groups

Southwark Friends of the Earth

Southwark Friends of the Earth is part of a movement transforming social beliefs and culture, creating a safer climate, flourishing nature, and healthy air, water and food.

We campaign for change in our community to make a difference to environment.

Our campaigns

Campaigning on the environment with Southwark Friends of the Earth can include helping out at public stalls, lobbying decision makers, through to organising demonstrations - and a whole lot more.

Friends of the Earth Local Groups have a fantastic track record of defending the things that we care most about. Whether that's fending off huge dirty energy projects like coal mines and fracking – or restoring natural habitats so that nature can thrive.

To find out what we’re working on locally and take part, contact us below.

Get involved

Get in touch with Southwark Friends of the Earth to find out how you can help. There's no commitment involved, but it’s your chance to meet new people, put your skills and abilities to good use, and gain new experiences.

We need people with all kinds of skills and from all walks of life to keep our campaigning fresh and our group vibrant. You don't need to be an experienced campaigner to help out.

To find out when our next meeting is – or just to learn more about the group and ways you can get involved – contact us using the form below.

Southwark Friends of the Earth is a licenced local group of Friends of the Earth England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

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