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One and a half degrees - activity for children and young people

Our free and interactive Climate Change event, 'One and a half degrees', takes place in June. Designed for all ages and backgrounds, this event will include stalls from different organisations, art and technology displays, films, talks by experts, live music and more. We want to motivate everyone to become more aware of the risks posed by climate change and possible solutions at the event in Faversham on 17 June, 2017.

Given the significance of climate change in every child’s future, there are important opportunities for children and young people to show their knowledge, understanding and creativity at the event.  A public artwork made from 'Carbon' Footprints will help promote the event through Faversham on the day. Made by children and young people - these creative symbols will illustrate the effects of climate change - our contribution - or potential solutions to climate change. Lots of footprints are needed to make this happen, and there are prizes for the most innovative ones, at both primary and secondary levels. You'll find the printable Footprints at the bottom of the page.

More detailed displays at the event will cover the science of climate change, the risks posed, and some of the new technologies that may help. Posters designs are welcome from schools – and we are also looking for imaginative and interactive items (we plan to illustrate the idea of “tipping points” with children’s slides and a bowling ball earth!). A wide range of curriculum areas could contribute to the event, from science and geography to design, politics and food technology. Could students make a model of a new-build house that’s carbon neutral, or design a wind turbine to charge students’ phones? Does your school have a STEM club that could be included in some way?