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Wakefield Friends of the Earth

Wakefield Friends of the Earth - acting now so the next generation can live in an environment that’s getting better, with a safer climate, flourishing nature and healthy air, water and food. We campaign, apply pressure, communicate, and bring people together in common endeavour, enabling and supporting everyone to take action. We make a positive difference to life in the communities of the Wakefield and Five Towns District, and for the earth too.

Our campaigns

Think global, act local. We aim to improve our local area while campaigning on the most urgent environmental and social priority of the age - addressing the global climate emergency. We are one of the founding groups of the Just Transition Wakefield movement and this is our campaign priority. As an alliance of voluntary organisations, trade unions, church groups, and concerned interested people from across the district, our aim is to support Wakefield’s transition towards zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Get involved

We are local people, like you. Everything we achieve is because we give a few hours of our time each month, working together to make a difference where we live. There’s no long term commitment involved. It’s a chance to meet like-minded people, gain new experiences and learn new skills.

We always need more people campaigning for a zero carbon world. Want to get involved? Use the form below to make contact with us. We’ll be in touch quickly and welcome you along to the next gathering or event.

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