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About Us

When and Where

NEXT MEETING Tuesday the 29th of January, 7:30pm, AT THE GEORGE SOUTH, STREET, BRIDPORT


About this Group

West Dorset Friends of the Earth now average five meetings annually.  

We focus on local implications of national issues, with Plastic Pollution and Fracking/Climate Change being our main targets. In addition to our regular meetings there will be other events (talks, stalls plus occasional socials) throughout the years. like socials and some campaign events in between. 

We are keen to work with other groups in the Area to become more effective. 


The lead contact for the group is Scott Morrison.   You can contact us by email through the form on the Contact page. 





Permission for Test Drilling!

No Permitted Development

West Dorset FoE has been campaigning through the end of 2018 to prevent test drilling for Fracking being re-classified as "permitted development".  Our MP shrugs this off as an irrelevant detail, but this government has systematically favoured Fracking over renewable energy, giving more subsidy to fossils fuels and curtailing renewable subsidies.

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Proposed Changes for Fracking Planning.

What is the Government Proposing

--To allow exploration of gas deposits to be treated as permitted development (PD).  PD was designed for very small development: ie. conservatories and fences. It allows approval without full planning permission.

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Stand up for Our Climate

Stand up for our Climate!

Nearly 100 people were photographed Standing up for Our climate on Saturday Oct. the 14th in Bridport. They signed our pledge which read:

We pledge to:

--restrict the use of fossil fuel usage both personally and in the wider community

--encourage and pay attention to possibilities for renewable, non-polluting energy at home and in the local area

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Contact details

Phone Scott Morrison
Email Contact us by email