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West Dorset Friends of the Earth

West Dorset Friends of the Earth works with other environmental groups, acting as a campaigning core with the backup of national campaigners and researchers. This role has enabled us to gain considerable impact in our community.

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Our campaigns

Like other groups, we focus on campaigns relevant to our largely rural area. If you try to pick apart all the topics we campaign on – renewable energy, climate change, plastic pollution, biodiversity, bees – they’re noticeably hard to separate. So when we campaign on bees, we’re also talking about biodiversity, climate, and even microplastics. The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity collapse touch all our campaigns.

Get involved

We meet in Bridport. Our group is often developing strategy for campaigns, urging the public to email the council or their MP. We know that our campaigns don’t have quick solutions. Our strength lies in supporting people who, with their energy and enthusiasm, will help us move towards a livable future. We welcome all assistance. Get in touch through the contact form below to find out how you can help.

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