Basecamp 2017 sign

Basecamp Friends of the Earth's environmental festival

Basecamp is taking a break in 2019.

If you're concerned about the climate crisis and want to do something about it, then check out our Climate Action Groups site.

It's a space dedicated to setting up (and joining) a local environmental group.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is Friends of the Earth's (almost) annual environmental festival. It runs for 3 days and is set in the heart of the stunning Peak District.

The festival features a mix of training sessions, talks, creative workshops and great entertainment.

Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner looking to meet allies, or new to activism and want to gain key skills, Basecamp is the place to go to take action, make connections and build resilience.

Youth Gathering 2019

Friends of the Earth is hosting its first Youth Gathering for 16-25 year olds in England, Wales and Northern Ireland over a (hopefully!) sunny July weekend in Staffordshire.

Much like Basecamp, Youth Gathering will be a weekend packed with inspiring campaigners who will help young voices figure out how to contribute to an inclusive environmental movement.

Ummi with her friend holding up a banner that reads "Save our planet" at the Youth Climate Strike in London, March 2019.
Earthmovers winners receive their prizes

Earthmover awards take place each year at Basecamp. Supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery , the awards celebrate grassroots activism across the country.

Some Earthmovers winners are from Friends of the Earth local groups, others are from outside organisations.

Check out the Earthmovers of 2018.

Earthmovers winners receive their prizes
Greg Pike attending a talk at Basecamp 2014

My first Basecamp experience

Greg Pike was so amazed by his first Basecamp experience that he signed straight up for the next one.

He'd never been to anything like it before – but by the end of it he'd made new friends, found someone he'd met in his youth and joined his local Manchester group.

Here's what Greg loved about Basecamp.

Greg Pike attending a talk at Basecamp 2014
Children at Basecamp 2014

Children and families

Basecamp is the most family-friendly activist gathering in the UK.

We have a full programme of activities for children aged 3 and over, with qualified and DBS-checked staff. And first-aiders are on site. You can attend Basecamp sessions all day, safe in the knowledge that your children are looked after and having a great time.

All children's activities happen around the the main site so you will be able to find them easily at any time. Or you can drop them off in the morning and pick them up at supper time.

Children at Basecamp 2014