Who we are

Our CEOs Miriam Turner and Hugh Knowles

18 May 2020     |       1 minute read
Miriam Turner and Hugh Knowles are interim co-CEOs at Friends of the Earth,. Following a successful application in Autumn 2020, they will become permanent co-CEOs in January 2021.

Teach the Future and Friends of the Earth

04 Dec 2019     |     Craig Bennett     |       2 minute read
Friends of the Earth's CEO Craig Bennett introduces "Teach the Future", a collaborative campaign aimed at forcing a review into climate education across the UK's national curriculum and ensuring our young people receive an education that will prepare them for the future they are facing.

Defending the environment in Honduras

01 Mar 2019     |     alison dilworth     |       2 minute read
It's 3 years since Honduran indigenous and women's rights activist Berta Cáceres was murdered. Friends of the Earth Honduras continues its work in a difficult situation.