Forces of nature: meet the activists protecting our environment

From campaigning for our cities to be greener to saving nature from damaging development, unsung heroes across the UK are standing up for nature.

Mya-Rose Craig, Somerset 

Enjoy the sun, grass and wildlife. Your planet needs you, so start with the small things like recycling 

Mya-Rose (right), 14, is a blogger, campaigner and naturalist. She has been birding and wildlife watching around the world since 2006. Read more about her work and amazing achievements.

Nigel and Lois Harbron, Cumbria

In July 2015, we spotted a hybrid of the common spotted and frog orchids. Apparently only around 15 similar plants have been recorded in the UK this century

Lois and Nigel have taken part in working parties organised by Cumbria Wildlife Trust for over 20 years.

Nigel and Lois Harbron
Nigel and Lois Harbron, by Andrew McGibbon

Beth Collier, London

Nature is so vital to our emotional health. When we are separated from it our wellbeing suffers

Beth teaches bushcraft to people of all ages in urban areas. She sees nature as an “outdoor therapy room” and a “source of emotional support in our lives”. 

Beth Collier
Beth Collier, by Andrew McGibbon

Charlie Kerson, London

Anyone can get involved with nature and gardening; you just need to get stuck in. Start with something simple

Urban gardener and filmmaker Charlie enriches urban diversity and gives city-dwellers more access to nature through events and community projects — from growing fruit and veg at outdoor cinema venues to making public benches out of grass.

Charlie Kerson
Charlie Kerson, by Andrew McGibbon

Emily Williams, Birmingham

Whether through our consumption of fish or choosing a face wash filled with microplastics, we all have an impact on our oceans, wherever we live

By setting up petitions and attracting publicity, Emily is fighting to keep dredgers from the Special Area of Conservation in Falmouth. This protected area contains maerl, an endangered rocky seaweed that is home to rays and catsharks.

Emily Williams on the beach
Emily Williams works to protect special areas of Falmouth, by Luka Tomac

Help nature and save our bees

Mya-Rose Craig AKA Birdgirl