Planting wild flower seeds for bees

Bees are in danger, which is why Friends of the Earth is campaiging to save our bees.

We've been busy working with people up and down the country to create havens of wild flowers, providing food for bees. We call them Bee Worlds, but other pollinators and wildlife are welcome too. 

Here are families in Walthamstow, east London, planting a Bee World on a sunny spring day.

Create your own Bee World

A sunny Kitchener Park in Walthamstow, east London, ready for the seed-planting day. 


Flyers in the local school meant many families turned up to sow wild flower seeds. 



Nat Harding,  of Waltham Forest Friends of the Earth, measuring out quadrants for even seed dispersal. "I can’t wait to see the area in bloom and brimming with bees."


Angelika Brinis, local resident, with her son Noah and nephew Danny. 

“Wild seed planting is great," says Angelika. "It is educating people and we need more of this.”


Just add water: Leleese Lewis. 


Salome Cabigting with her 3 children. "All these flowers will be great. We need more activities like this." 


A break from the hard work? Salome's daughter gets her face painted. 


Martina Matthewsova came to the seed-planting day with daughters Tinke (above) and Petra (below). Says Martina: "The girls woke up so early and were so excited about today that I did not have time to shower before we left.” 


Petra: “I love this. I want more seeds; I want a garden.” 


How to get your seeds firmly in the ground? Dance on them of course.  


Create your own Bee World