Save cash and save the planet

This book is for busy people who want to reduce their impact on the Earth's resources - and save cash into the bargain.

Bite size chapters {C}


These cover a range of topics including reducing waste, energy efficiency, home, DIY, garden, food, time off, work, finance, travel, birth to death, activism and a Directory of resources.


What you can do
Practical advice for pound-stretching planet-savers: home-made cleaning products, no-cost energy efficiency measures, budget organic vegetables, and how to shop on the cheap without costing the Earth.

Real life case studies
Inspiring examples of individuals who've greened their lifestyles - and saved cash in the process.

At last! A friendly read that can help you save money while saving the planet! Becoming a domestic eco-warrior has never been so easy - or so cool!

Jonathan Ross, TV presenter

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