People's walk for wildlife - butterfly prop

Thanks for joining us on Chris Packham's People's Walk for Wildlife

Help highlight the plight of UK wildlife

If we want to bring back nature, we need to show everyone what we're losing and how much we care.

It was great to see so many of you at Chris Packham's People’s Walk for Wildlife  on 22 September to help draw attention to the plight of wildlife across the UK.

It was a fantastic, fun friendly walk and no one let the rain dampen their spirits.


Masks, badges and costume ideas

It was good to see so many people dressed up as their favourite animal, waving flags for wildlife and making masks

If you'd like to use the masks or badges for any other wildlife adventures, help yourself to our free downloads.

Long-horned bee (Eucera longicornis) on a pink flower.

Want to do more?

There are still plenty of ways you can help protect wildlife where you live. Find out what else you can do to help bees and other pollinators.

Right now you can help us stop pesticides harming wildlife, and contaminating our countryside and food. Please sign our petition to make sure the government has a clear plan to reduce pesticides.

Long-horned bee (Eucera longicornis) on a pink flower.