Lindane is banned - nearly

The European Union is to ban lindane. The decision, which took place at the EU Standing Committee on Plant Health in Brussels was supported by the UK Government. The ban will cover all agricultural and gardening applications of this dangerous pesticide, but doesn't prevent its continued use in domestic products such as ant killer.

The decision, which will come into effect in 12-18 months time has been welcomed by the Lindane Campaign Group - Friends of the Earth, the Pesticides Action Network, UNISON, the Women's Environmental Network, the Soil Association, Green Network and Breast UK - which has repeatedly called on the Government to ban lindane in the UK because of its potential danger to human health and the environment.

Friends of the Earth Pesticides Campaigner, Sandra Bell, said: "This is fantastic news. Lindane is a dangerous chemical that threatens human health and the environment. We are delighted that the UK Government has backed a Europe-wide ban. It now needs to move quickly to implement the ban and prevent its use in domestic products as well."

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